Sweet life

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Some random things from the week. I have been hanging out with friends, working a little bit, been a tourist, seen some cool stores, waited for rain to stop. I’ve been sleeping when a typhoon hit us, seen blue sky in Seoul, fallen asleep while watching the new Batman movie (2 hours 45 minutes, what?). I’ve been listening to Frank Ocean a lot. I’ve been sleepy. Some friends left Seoul and there is one more farefell party tonight. Sigh.

Often when people see my photos from Seoul they say:
a.) I thought there were a lot of people in Seoul but in your photos it always looks quiet
b.) I wonder if it’s really that hot and humid there, it doesn’t look like it

a.) I guess I prefer my photos that way
b.) Yes, most of the time it is. Believe me


  1. Yes, totally agree on Qn 1 – where are the people? Have you kept them in your pocket?! Hahaha! Those old skool movie posters and stickers, DAEBAK!! Where can I get them? I’m sure it beats getting the usual gifts back to friends!!

    I’m totally missing Korea right now!!

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