This friend

Days October 2, 2014

This is a friend who I first met in 2009.

Back then he was living quite nearby but during these years I’m not really sure how many countries he has lived in. Our five year friendship feels more like ten, because despite being all over the world we have (mostly thanks to him) managed to meet 1-4 times per year, quite often in Scandinavia, sometimes in other parts of Europe, we lived in Korea at the same time and recently visited him in States. I want to take him to Lapland in the summer but he really hates mosquitoes. He likes cats. And cats like him.

I’m happy he likes food too, good food and crappy food. In Spain we had salt&vinegar chips everyday, in Korea we met at Family Mart for ice cream after he finished work at 11pm, in Finland I got him his favorite dish from his favorite restaurant and put it in the freezer because the restaurant was on holidays when he visited, in States we ate until I couldn’t eat anything anymore and had to fly back home.

These days I know he wakes up when it’s about 7pm here. Around that time he will probably like your photo on Instagram.

He can be very energetic, he likes to climb on anything and he often has this strange way of half walking half running. I don’t know how, but he gets away with putting words in my mouth all the time. Quite a few things in him remind me of myself. Like we both rather have someone make the phone calls for us and our blood sugar levels can drop real fast.

When we were driving somewhere along Highway 1 in California I felt amazed and thankful for having this friendship. At least for me it’s rare to make such close friends and maybe it’s this age too when everyone is busy and people really don’t have time to visit often even from the other side of the same city. I’m happy we have had a chance to meet often and have had pretty crazy adventures together.

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