Korea September 13, 2012

Quiet here, been working and walking kilometer after another. I’ve been telling myself how happy and lucky I am. The late summer air is making me love this city even more.

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    • Satu says on September 29, 2012

      Hi! Sorry I was away for two weeks. Now I’m back and it got a little chilly here but still around 20°C during the day, in the evening you may want to wear a jacket. It’s autumn which is always quite pleasant time to visit! Hmmm cafes… I haven’t been to that many lately but I always enjoy Cafe Hibi in Hongdae.

  1. Euphemia says on October 3, 2012

    No problem, hope your trip away was a good one. I’m hoping the weather turns colder, since coming from a tropic country, it’ll be nice to wear long sleeves and not perspire. Hahaha!
    I’d keep a look out for Cafe Hibi. Thanks!!

    And just to check, in your previous post (http://www.satupalander.com/blog/?p=1390#comments) where can I find those stickers? Definitely beats getting the usual makeup/food for friends back home.

    • Satu says on October 3, 2012

      I actually visited your country too, but only for 1,5 days… I wish I could go back for a bit longer visit. I will make sure I ask some recommendations next time. 😉

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