Highlights of 2010

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Late March we sent friends to the other side of the world and didn’t get to meet in 6 months. For a while we stayed even in the same time zone far away from home. When we met again in October we had good memories to share.

First months of the year I worked on my book and graduation exhibition. Early April the book was finally finished.

Visited a friend to check some test prints on a sunny day in April. She was planning a trip far away. Two dear friends got to stay in that very same continent this year.

The exhibition was finally up late April and friend visited me early May.

Our year was full of these moments. And I don’t see the end coming anytime soon. We are a good team. 대박.

Visited good friends in Gothenburg. It was spring, good times!

Day trip with friends. Aimless driving in Southern Finland.

Beautiful summer evening near home in Helsinki.

Oh! It’s Seoul again. I could go on and on but I have blogged quite much about it. Friends, hot hot heat, everything. Love you all. I’m lucky.

Winter came with low temperatures and lots of snow. Life got quiet but good things happened and some exiting projects are waiting.


  1. oi mikä vuosi. toivottavasti tulee uudellekin vuodelle kaikkia hyviä ja onnekkaita juttuja. mun tekis mieli taas lähteä matkaan. lähdöt ja saapumiset on niin ihania (ja kauheita). sinä ja m ootte kyllä just tuommosia hassuja ja kivoja yhdessä.

  2. Satu says

    joo seikkailu ois kiva niinku aina. palaaminen on mulle aina niin vaikeeta että melkein pelottaa ees lähteä. huh.

    taietaan olla vähän hömppäsiä. joku kerta tullaan kyllä kylään. aika pian vois?

    huomasitko tossa edellisessä postauksessa sen karkkipötkön? se oli kyllä calmin eikä mikään calpis niinku sanoin.

    jee vähä siistiä ku kommentoit. :D

  3. wow, such great photos!!
    i would love to visit your part of the world some day!

  4. Satu says

    aron, welcome! i got jealous after seeing your photos from the beach… ^__^ we still have to wait 4 months for spring!

  5. Satu! Your lovely zine arrived in the mail today. It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much :):):) Love the pictures, as usual. xx

  6. Hi Katie! Happy to hear it arrived safely!

    Running out of tape soon… Time to go back to Korea? I wish I could! ^-^

  7. such beautiful highlights to your year! i really love the light in that first photo, just beautiful.

  8. thank you elisabelle! i hope to see you again! ^___^

    thank you kitchu!

  9. 2010 looks and sounds as though it was a good year. Here’s to more loveliness this year too.

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