July-December 2012

Korea January 28, 2013

This is the second part of 2012, a lot more difficult to put together than the first part. So many more photos and I also have shared quite a few of those already… Anyway I spent July-December in Korea. Feeling so lucky it was possible for me to do so.

Soon after we arrived to Korea we headed to Jeju Island for a week. It’s hard to believe now, living in a white and grey country that this much color exists somewhere.

Sejin on top of Daranshi oreum in Jeju Island

Yellow melon season was on!

The fog was intense…

After emailing with James for couple of months we finally met in Seoul. Had few weeks to hang out with him before he went back home.

Joonoo turned 100 days old

Precious little friend, Sul

September light

Han River

Alien’s Day Out cupcake at Botton

Dottegi Market at Dotzari. Dotzari is a studio/shop in Noksapyeong in Seoul. The space is so cosy and pretty and the small alley it’s located also has TRVR studio, some restaurants and bars. Such a nice place to hang out with friends. Ahh I miss it.

Numi and a pineapple at Seoul Lantern Festival

Gio and a puppy with sharp teeth. I haven’t shared a lot of photos from this weekend trip in November. I will~

In September we spent two weeks in Southeast Asia. I didn’t bring my dslr with me at all there, but I will probably share some iphone photos of that trip later.

I miss 2012!

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  1. Hanna says on January 28, 2013

    i love looking at the photos you took in korea. were you working in korea before? i’ve always wanted to experience living the motherland. can’t wait to visit in march.

  2. Satu says on January 29, 2013

    Hi Hanna! No I haven’t been working for a Korean company ever but have done some photo freelancing there + my own projects. So exciting you get to visit soon! Do you speak Korean?

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