Korea July 6, 2012

On a second day of our trip we took a boat to Biyang-do which is just 15 minute boat ride away from the main island. I’m not sure about the population of the island, but it must be less than 100 people. The town is small and you can walk from end to end in about 10 minutes. They had few stores selling snacks and drinks and at least one restaurant. Like in most of the places in Korea they had never heard of a person who doesn’t eat meat (or like in our case even more extreme, no egg, milk etc..) but they were willing to cook us bibimbap. We had our own ramyeon with us but luckily got much more delicious food there.

When we first arrived we met this friendly dog called Boksuni. We decided to take a 40 minute walk around the island and she followed us all the way. Or more like guided us (once the wrong way but nevermind).

Our friend met this haenyo, a diver woman who had just finished her diving for the day. She had been diving for almost 50 years and said that the sea has changed so much in that time. Due to pollution there is less and less life in the sea. She had caught some sea urchin after diving for 3 hours and agreed to sell some of it for our friend who happens to be a huge seafood lover.

It started to rain a lot in the afternoon so we took a long nap and watched some tv in our guesthouse. I found it quite funny that the pillows were filled with plastic straws. But then again in a humid weather like this it’s actually quite clever!

The sky got clear before the sunset so we could see the Halla mountain in the middle of Jeju Island.

In the morning we said goodbyes to Boksuni~

These three kids take the ferry to go to kindergarten in the main island.

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