To Jeju Island~

Korea July 5, 2012

After spending couple of days in Seoul it was time to take a little trip. We drove from Seoul to south to spend a night in a tiny town called Hoejin-myeon. We arrived late at night and found a cheap hotel (perhaps the only one in town) to get few hours of sleep. In the morning before catching the ferry we checked out the local market and got some sweet hotteok and plums for breakfast.

The weather wasn’t windy but just in case we all drank small bottles of sea sickness medicine at the ferry terminal. After departing we snapped some photos of the islands, had few plums and passed out for the rest of the 2-hour trip. I usually can never get any sleep when traveling from place to another and the medicine seems to do the trick but also leaves me drowsy for the rest of the day.

We stopped by Jeju City to have lunch and it was raining heavily. Jeju Island is not that big but the weather changes often and can be completely different between east and west. We drove to Hallim and the sky got clear. We found a place to stay next to the beach and spent the evening walking around meeting sea creatures and admiring little houses by the sea.

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  1. saori says on July 5, 2012

    you went to korea again? (or live?)
    juju island is one of the place i want to go someday.
    all pics are beautiful. especially, i love the top one.
    very fun to see the lifestyle in local people ^ ^

    recently i’m very into cooking kimpa!
    almost everyday i cook for dinner…(○´ω`○)

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