July – December 2011

Days January 4, 2012

Home life.

I still don’t know who took this photo of me at Ostkreuz station in Berlin.

찌계? 지계? 찌개? 찌게?

Flow Festival, I almost didn’t get to go. Then 2 lifesavers appeared. Thank you~

Last adventures of the fall season

This is the end of September, whole November and December until xmas.

Never seen such weather on 2nd Christmas day.

This is already few minutes after midnight. Hello 2012!

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  1. Sejin says on January 5, 2012

    Wow, I love this series! 꺄아아아아!
    BTW, 귀여운 것들. ‘찌개’야! 김치찌개, 된장찌개!
    I missed the time to go to bed, damn it!
    Life seems to be 50: 50!

  2. Satu says on January 7, 2012

    정호씨 빨리와~~

    sejin: 찌개 찌개! this was in berlin when jungho asked how would you spell jjigae…
    and you should update me about your 2012 plans!

    kristin: thank you! world definitely looks better through the hasselblad lens. ^^

    outi: kiitos! vaikkakaan 2011 ei ollut erityisen kuvarikas vuosi. 🙂 jännittävää ja seikkailullista uutta vuotta myös sulle! ja tänä vuonna muuten tavataan ihan varmana!

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